2013 Zimbabwe Achievers Awards Nominees out

Organisers of the eagerly awaited event of the year  Zimbabwe Achievers Awards  have released a list of nominees that will do battle in  2013.

2013 Nominations

Outstanding Achievement: Company of the Year

A company that can demonstrate a long standing commitment to responsible business & leadership in the marketplace, workplace, environment and the community.

1. Chiltren Support and Housing Ltd
2. Chitoro Limited
3. Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan
4. Kcare Nursing Agency
5. Khaya Project

Outstanding Achievement: Entrepreneur

Awarded to a business person who can demonstrate a genuine passion for social issues, and with a proven track record of operating a successful business enterprise.

1. Brighton Mutebuka
2. Byron Fundira
3. Nigel Musara
4. Octavia Goredema
5. Peter Mukono

Outstanding Achievement: Business Innovation

Awarded to a person who develops new ideas and services into the Market. development of new values through solutions that meet new requirements. This is accomplished through more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas

1. Blessing Maregere
2. Haxton Jack
3. Jeff Madzingo
4. Octavia Goredema
5. Pasi William Sachiti

Outstanding Achievement: Professional

Awarded to an individual who has reached a milestone in their career

1. Fortune Chigwende
2. Maxwell Gomera
3. Mduduzi Mswabuki
4. Ron Gutu
5. Sam Bobo

Special Category
Academic Award

This award recognizes the individual who best exemplifies an advocate for professionalism and presenting the best public image. Will also have served as a model of dedication, enthusiasm, and leadership.

1. Blessing-Miles Tendi (D.Phil)
2. Dr Beacon Mbiba
3. Dr Cornelius Ncube
4. Dr Dominic Pasura
5. Dr. Julius Mugwagwa

Tourism Award

Can be non-Zimbabwean, companies who have promoted Zimbabwe as a Tourism Destination

1. Africa Albida
2. Bumi Hills
3. Sheerwater Victoria Falls
4. Travel Zambezi
5. Zambezi Safari & Travel Company


Protects, campaigns and promotes the endangered wildlife and environments, tackles climate change and promotes sustainable use of resources

1. Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservation
2. Sebakwe Black Rhino Trust
3. Tashinag Initiative.
4. the4Cs – Climate Change Community
5. Zambezi Society.

Young Achievers Award

A young person making a positive impact and pushing boundaries to achieve success

1. Cynthia Masiyiwa
2. Khalil Madovi
3. Kwayedza Kureya
4. Teresa Shangadzike -Shanky
5. Vusi Mlilo

Sports, Culture, Fashion and Community

International Sports personality

Awarded for excellence in sports in any discipline

1. Axcil Jeffries
2. Chris Felgate
3. Cuthbert Nyasango
4. Nyasha Marakurwa
5. Vitalis Chikoko

Outstanding Achievement: Fashion

Nominee would have made a positive impact in any sector of the fashion industry.

1. Fikile Dube
2. Karentino
3. Manaka Handmade
4. Mutsa Mutsa
5. Velvet and Rose

Event of the Year

Nominees would have delivered the best and memorable event of the year

1. Aleck Macheso/Tuku Show
2. DangerZone Takeover Tour 2012
3. Help Us Help Ourselves
4. Oliver Mtukudzi at the O2
5. Tribes of Africa by iROCK! UK
6. Zim cup clash

Personality of the Year

Influential, inspiring and in the news. From all walks of life- politicians, actors, sports stars, artists and models. Others have a lower profile but still intrigue with their determination to make their mark

1. Carol Nyazika
2. Dephne Madyara
3. Simbarashe P. Nyanhanga
4. Leah African Designs
5. Nyasha Hatendi
6. Stephanie Chiyangwa

Community Organisation of the year

A charitable organisation that has worked and campaigned tireless to deliver a positive impact to the Zimbabwean Community

1. Africa Mothers Foundation
2. Hope House foundation
3. Mwana Trust -Henry Chitsenga
4. Zimbabwe Association
5. Zimwomen Northampton

Community Champion

An individual who have taken upon themself to campaign tirelessly to improve the Zimbabwean community

1. Bekezela Nsingo
2. Florence Chawurura
3. Linda Samupinda
4. Morleen Nyirenda
5. Thandi Haruper

Media House of the year

Print or Electronic Media outlet

1. Dandaro TV
2. IntoZimbabwe.com
3. Nehanda Radio
4. SW Radio
5. Zim eye

Journalist of the Year

Presents a consistently strong body of work which demonstrated investigative and journalistic skills of the highest level

1. Eugene Majuru
2. Gilbert Nyambabvu
3. Henry Makiwa
4. Violet Gonda
5. Alex Bell

Radio Station of the year

The station of the year award showcases the best radio station that reaches and serves its audience. The station should also have demonstrated promotional, charity and community ventures during the year

1. Dzimbaremabwe
2. Visions Radio
3. Zim Power Fm
4. Zimnet Radio
5. Zimonline Radio

Radio presenter of the Year

Nominee should always be looking for opportunities to connect effectively with the audience she is targeting and is a great ambassador for the station they represents

1. Brian Lunga (Visions Radio)
2. Belinda Magejo
3. DJ Blessed (Dzimbadzemabwe)
4. Dj Kenny G (Dzimbadzemabwe)
5. Simbarashe P. Nyanhanga
6. Lady Bimma

Gospel Artist International

Dynamic group/singer that has dominated the marketplace and has taken gospel music to another level.

1. Comfort Manyame
2. Mudiwa Hood
3. Royal Destiny
4. Shingisai Suluma
5. Zimpraise

Outstanding Achievement in Music International

Nominees should demonstrate outstanding musicianship in any sector of Music from producing, performing or even writing. Who have toured or performed in The UK

1. Clive monomukundu
2. Mukomba
3. Nox
4. Rodney Hwingwiri aka Rymez
5. Winky D

Dj of the Year

Nominee incorporates all the elements of showmanship into his DJ performances and takes entertainment to another level.

1. Dj Chidzy
2. Jah Hanief
3. Mista cee and Mujay
4. Mxolis’
5. Roblife Deejay

People’s Choice’s Award

Chosen and voted by the Public

1. Adele Kaseke
2. Aunty Jenny Msonza
3. Belinda Magejo
4. Dj Blessed
5. Mudiwa Hood

By mikeshoko

What is hip hop?

Hip hop music in Zimbabwe seems to have found the long yearned breakthrough on the airwaves and is now receiving considerable airplay and also has its own awards ceremony .

However, there is a heated debate in the local hip hop camp or is it camps as to what and who is true hip-hop.

Both artists and hip-hop fans dispute the hip hop tag pinned on some of the county’s rappers.

Seated in the 7 Arts theater in November of 2011 when nominees for the inaugural Zim Hip-Hop Awards were being announced I could sense a storm gathering.

And the eventual winners made matters even worse.

Im number one- Stunner

Im number one- Stunner

But the hammer seems to have fallen hard on vernacular rappers like Maskiri, Stunner, Leonard Mapfumo and Ex-Q having their street cred questioned.

Strangely, other rappers like Munetsi, P.O.Y and Junior Brown have been widely accepted as true hip hop artists. Hypocrisy or truth?

Amaveni hooked up with veteran producer Tatenda Jenami aka Take Fizzo who added his voice to the issue, saying that they are different elements that make up hip-hop.

“Yes, we can classify vernacular rappers as being hip-hop and the beat does not determine anything,” said Take Fizzo.

“The artist’s swag determines whether one is a good rapper or not. It’s the ‘uniqueness’ of the artist and how they express themselves lyrically.”

Swaggerless Maskiri

Swaggerless – Maskiri

Elton Bryce of Bryce Music Nation said that although those who rap in their mother tongue can be classified as hip-hop a lot of them lacked swag and appeal.

“You need to have swag in your videos, something which most of these rappers lack,” he said.

“Hip hop is a verbal business. It’s not just about what you sing; you have to live the talk. Talk big, look big and beat the big boys and become number one.”

Others have singled out Stunner as being the only rapper so far that practices the true hip-hop culture even though he rarely raps in English. (What with a sex-tape and all the bling)

The flamboyant rapper has all the ingredients of a rapper: swag, number one hits, controversy (hey! that’s what other think) and a strong fashion sense.

In the United States, the birth place of hip-hop music, critics have also failed to extinguish the same fire.



Currently Nicki Minaj is being accused of distorting rap music by incorporating pop elements to it.

This also happened to Lil Wayne, who at one stage was described as a hip-hop mercenary.

However, there is consensus that of the two kinds of hip-hop that are visible today, conscious and commercial, the former seems to be losing popularity.

Commercial rap has garnered more mass appeal because of its creative and entertaining approach while conscious rap has lost its attractiveness.

Perhaps this is the reason why Lil Wayne is selling millions of records and why our very own Stunner has more awards and number one songs than most of his fellows.

Please anyone cure us of our ignorance and tell us what true hip hop is or should be!!!!!!!!!!

By mikeshoko

Of young lads and their earphones


It seems Zimbabwean youths are so fascinated with music so much that they can`t do without their favourite toy- Ear phones.

Whether one is on a busy street, in a kombi, shopping mall, in the slums of the ghetto or enjoying a fresh breeze on a veranda in a posh suburb, you are sure to bump into someone with their ear-phones plugged in.

The use of ear phones has grown so popular, that its users look completely oblivious to the everyday world when they are living in their own personal musical playgrounds.

The ways of listening to music has evolved with each generation. Let’s take a step back in time and have a look:

In days gone by ‘The Walkman’ as it was commonly referred to, appeared on the scene with big foam-covered headphones and it was the” in” thing.  Owning such a device resembled ‘coolness’ among the young lads of that generation who were commonly known as the ‘nose-brigade’.

The Walkman came in a rectangular shape with one deck to put your favourite cassette in.

One had to travel with these cassettes stashed somewhere in their bag or pocket since the majority of the cassettes only had less than 90 minutes of playtime. Also in the bag was an eversharp 15m pen for rewinding and fast-forwarding when the Walkman  decided to chew up your tape(I never enjoyed this part).

Whilst others were still in the age where stationery and big pockets were needed to hear their favourite songs, a new style was brewing.

In came the Disc Man


This type came with better sound output and more stylish head phones and pens could be put away since it was now discs and not tapes. But it was more expensive and during its time, was a preserve of the fortunate few.


Before the Discman could last its time, more portable and fancy music players were being introduced, ones that could easily fit in one`s pocket and with an in-built battery with a longer life span and could accommodate many more gigs of memory. It was popular and fast paced. Before long Mp3, Mp4 players, and Apple IPods were among the many inventions available.

But as it is now, one can afford to buy a cell phone that accommodates a memory card. With a cool few dollars or more one can have music on the go!

Who knows what’s coming next, technology has made so much possible and no guess can be dismissed as wild. Maybe next will be an inbuilt music player inside your brain and sticking a finger in your ear is fast forward or rewind. Now that is going to look funny in the kombi: several teens all playing with their ears at the same time!

By mikeshoko

Zahara again?

If we didn’t know any better we would think the poor lady is seeking asylum status, this is like what the fourth visit in a little a space of time or maybe she has found our men irresistible, which could be true.
Thanks to TS records Google results won’t bother us with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit’s kid also called Zahara.
Bulelwa Mkutukana, yes that’s her real name, will once again grace the capital for a show with Oliver Mtukudzi and Alexio Kawara at the Harare International Conference Centre where she staged her maiden Zimbabwean gig on March 8.
Her second was Kumabhiza (Borrowdale Racecourse) which blew away the night-owls of Harare.
She then took her Loliwe gospel to the resort town of Victoria falls at a festival which brought together top artistes from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia.
Artistes who graced the event included Graeme Watkins Project Band (SA), Plush (SA), Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi (Zim), Daniel “Danny” Siulapwa (Zambia), Jeremy Loops (SA), DJ Francis (Zim), DJ Ice (Zim), Zebra and Giraffe (SA), Sean D (Zim), Manny Walters (SA), The Monkey Nuts (Zim), Gap (SA), Jonny Guy (SA) and Sonny Jermain (Zim).
The festival was hosted by Star Fm Djs TichMataz and Blackbird.

The only new thing she brings are good tidings of her recent property acquisitions.
Two months after her family told Sunday World the Ndiza hit-maker was a pedestrian and was living “like a maid” at the house of her record label boss Thembinkosi “TK” Nciza, the Loliwe singer went on a multi-million rand shopping spree.
Reports say that Zahara spoilt herself with a cluster house worth R1,9m and added a sleek set of wheels to her portfolio of assets.
The ritzy three-bedroomed abode is nestled in an upscale complex in the quiet suburb of Little Falls in Roodepoort, west of Jozi.
To Zahara we say ‘Vasikana vechidiki vane twunhu twavo usavadherere vasiye vadye mari yavo.’

By mikeshoko